01 September 2019

Rising wave, sudden rush,
Collapse, a bubbling sheet
Melts in the soft sand.

Science inclines to undermine the delicate and vulnerable human quality of wonder.  This is not a matter of science explaining too much but rather one of image and purpose, and therein lies the question of whether the diminution of wonder is simply the result of the coarse onslaught of axiomatic reductionism inherent in science, or is it a more recent cloak of vanity born of the gut
fear of unknowing.  The answer determines whether one challenges the glorious entertainment with melodious words and telling wit, alone or with touches of theology.   
                                       (After Science, The Glorious Entertainment by Jacques Barzun)

The pantheon of Greek gods are less ugly than a Christianity subverted to phenomenology.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Tavern Talk
Ide:   There are three kinds of people in the world,   
the God fearing and those who are not God fearing.
Emp: (pause, absently)  You said three.
Ide:   You were listening then.
Emp: Those who know him not, I suppose; and that’s most of us, isn’t it?
Ide:    I suppose.  God knowers are few, even if God believers are many.