04 June 2017

The principles and mind-set of physics and its technological offspring have settled deep into popular culture.  Catechesis is everywhere now, in the lyrics of see, touch, and hear, in the rejection of purpose anywhere in existence, in the huge commerce of stuff and things.  

Modern misery and assorted paths of escape are embedded in the question, “Who am I?”
Deep-seated in the disquiet is, “Am I?”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Tavern Talk
Ide:    Not a shred of reality in it, that deceptive little equation you write down in a few strokes?
Emp:  The Schrodinger equation of quantum mechanics. . . All nonsense you say?   (HΨ = EΨ)
Ide:    As much or as little as any fairy tale.
Emp:  Nonsense.  It describes what we measure in the real world.
Ide:    Poets describe the real world.
Emp: (irritated) Numbers, clown.  That little equation gives us numbers that accurately describe the
workings of an atom to a gnat’s eyelid.  Divine accuracy I might say in your company.
Ide:   Numbers, simple ratios of numbers?  Aren't they what music is all about?

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