18 November 2018

 T I  M E - I
Molder of earth and stars   //  Crafter of life’s breadth   //   Genesis of all nature   
Regime of unfolding existence   //   Everywhere present   //   Everywhere flexible
Long gone or yet to come   //   No starts, stops, or reruns   //   Ultimate creator.   

It has become a rootless abstraction of deity for modern devotees of the observable world who endlessly catalog and quantify with the modest tools of their trade: shovel and brush, microscope and telescope, beams of radiation and atoms. They have amassed an overwhelming wealth of systematic observations and reproducible measurements to support their sweeping consensus of a dynamic world enclosed in the windowless tram of time
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
For physics, the name of the game is to presume and then look for simple "laws of nature" that govern the least complex of the endless profusion of stuff and happenings, that drench our world.  The physicists call simple happenings that are reproducible, "events."   The sound of a guitar, planetary motion, and x-rays are examples of events interesting enough to exercise their considerable ingenuity and patience.  The tools of their trade are concentrated observation and measurement, and number manipulation veiled in the shorthand of mathematics.

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